Vision and Mission


Our primary goal is to ensure sustainable development in line with our values and add value to the future by always supporting the investor.


To contribute to the structural transformation and fair capital distribution in our country in accordance with sustainable development priorities by meeting the financial and advisory needs of investing customers; to add value to employees and all other stakeholders with its dynamic, innovative, environmentally and socially responsive banking approach


We are deeply committed to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Within the scope of the UN Environment Goals and the Paris Agreement provisions, we take responsibility for our world, environment and society. We keep our strong sense of social responsibility alive. We use our resources effectively and efficiently.

We are trustworthy.

We establish long-term relationships based on openness , ethics and trust with our shareholders.

Our decisions are based on objective criteria.

We are solution-oriented.

Our clients are the focus of all our activities, and we shape the future together with our efficient and value creating solutions.

We Value Our Employees.

We value our employees and encourage continuous learning, participation and sharing.

We believe in teamwork, work with shared wisdom,strive to be fair and provide equal opportunity to our employees.

We are innovative.

We pioneer positive change with our innovative solutions and add value not only to today but also tomorrow.