Wholesale Banking (APEX)

We use Wholesale Banking (Apex) to reach out to SMEs which are the building blocks of our economy in terms of production and employment capacity. Apex enables us to provide financing obtained from IFIs such as the World Bank, the Council of Europe Development Bank, the Asian Infrastructure Bank Investment Bank and the KfW through commercial banks, leasing companies and factoring companies having a broad network of branches. Our main objective in wholesale banking projects is to enhance production capacity and competitiveness of micro, small and medium-scale companies, hence to contribute to investment and employment.

  1. 1. World Bank Formal Employment Creation Project
    • Formal Employment Creation Project aims to increase formal employment opportunities and contribute to the formalization of job opportunities in selected 24 provinces. This project combines resources from an EU’s FRIT-II grant and a World Bank loan to TKYB guaranteed by the Government of Türkiye. The project’s purpose is to increase access to financial resources for private enterprises located in provinces affected by a large influx of refugees and to expand their production and/or service capacity to increase formal employment.

    • As part of the project, the World Bank offers a loan amounting to Euros 316 million, Euros 126 million of which will be extended to Large Enterprises with over 250 employees directly by our Bank while the remaining Euros 190 million will be extended through commercial banks and leasing companies to SMEs having less than 250 employees to meet their investment and working capital needs. The project will provide loans to firms with an already consolidated record of sustained job creation to increase their capacity to expand their business and generate markets. The technical assistance component will be used for holding training courses to help loan beneficiaries to improve their corporate capacities and develop their businesses so that the ultimate goal of increasing formal employment can be achieved.

    • Selecected Project Provinces
      1. İstanbul 7. Bursa 13. Mardin 19. Adıyaman
      2. Gaziantep 8. İzmir 14. Kayseri 20. Batman
      3. Hatay 9. Kilis 15. Kocaeli 21. Sakarya
      4. Şanlıurfa 10. Konya 16. Osmaniye 12. Manisa
      5. Adana 11. Ankara 17. Diyarbakır 23. Tekirdağ
      6. Mersin 12. Kahramanmaraş 18. Malatya 24. Denizli

    • Project Documents:

  2. 2. World Bank Emergency Firm Support Project
    • USD 250 million loan from the World Bank will be extended primarily to meet the working capital needs of SMEs heavily affected by COVID-19. SMEs having fewer than 250 employees and whose gross sales fell by at least 20 percent in Q2 2020 compared to the same period in the previous year will be eligible. In the implementation of the loan, priority will be given to SMEs which are women-inclusive, young enterprises (less than 5 years) and SMEs in less developed regions (outside of the metropolitan areas of cities).

    • The loan will be extended to SMEs through selected onlending financial intermediaries that can be commercial banks, leasing companies and factoring companies under wholesale banking.

    • Project Documents:

  3. 3. Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank Project for COVID-19
    • USD 300 million loan from Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank will be used to provide financing to SMEs and Large Enterprises in Türkiye, which have been operating in the infrastructure and eligible production sectors, and negatively affected by COVID-19. The loan will increase these enterprises’ access to financial resources which they need in order to meet their liquidity requirements.

    • USD 200 million of the loan amount will be extended to Large Enterprises directly by our Bank while the remaining USD 100 million will be provided to SMEs meeting the eligible criteria through selected commercial banks and factoring companies under wholesale banking. Only the SMEs having fewer than 250 employees and an annual turnover of maximum Euros 50 million or a maximum of Euros 43 million of total assets will qualify for the loan.