Structured Finance Products

While a wide range of products can be created in capital markets under the umbrella of structured finance products; recently asset-backed securities , asset-guaranteed securities Tier-2 debt issuances which is mainly prefered by the banks; come into prominence. In light of our Capital Markets Consultancy team’s experience, we offer consultancy services on Tier-2 issuances and the securitization of idle assets on corporate balance sheets.. These services are summarized below:

  • Examination of corporate balance sheet structure and relations with creditors and analysis of procedure compatibility,
  • Examination of corporate activities and the dynamics of funding needs to formulate the most suitable issuance structure,
  • Providing support for the issuing company in structuring of asset-backed or asset-guaranteed products,
  • Determination of suitable issuance structure and support in the preparation of relevant contract sets,
  • Consultancy on funds establishment and management as required by the Capital Market Law in the issuance of asset-backed and asset-guaranteed securities,
  • Management of appeal procedures and communications with all regulatory institutions,
  • Support in the preparation of marketing and promotion documents, and
  • Management of marketing and sales procedures and finalization of the process.

We offer this service not only to support corporate growth strategies but also refinancing and l structuring of current debts.