Career Opportunities

HR Policy

Meeting shareholder expectations, valuing employees, being open to continuous improvement, using resources efficiently and effectively, being conscious of the environment and occupational health and safety and in compliance with quality standards and legislation, constantly improving work technologies and skills, and strengthening the creativity of employees, the Bank considers human resources as the most significant asset in achieving its goals.


  • Work with people who fit our corporate culture and the quality of the work,
  • Participate employees in the establishment of human resources policies,(inclusive human resource policy)
  • Provide employees with a safe working environment and conditions to meet current needs,
  • Increase  employee  satisfaction and organizational commitment,
  • Offer fair and  equal  training and development opportunities to employees,
  • Create opportunities to succeed and to enhance knowledge and experience; encourage and award successful employees


Candidates are evaluated through appropriate examinations, personal inventory and interviews by the heads of departments and by our Human Resources department to ensure competency in basic and job-specific skills as well as compliance with corporate vision, mission and culture.

TKYB provides an orientation program for new colleagues.

Performance Management System

TKYB Performance Management System supports efficiency, identifies development and training needs in technical skills and competency, and provides a framework for feedback and data for career development.


Compensation and performance management go hand in hand at the Bank. The salaries of employees are determined by their competence, level of responsibility, performance scores and sectorial conditions.

Training Policy

TKYB carries out training programs to support professional and personal development. Training programs are planned according to current duties, the competencies required by those duties and career paths.

Thanks to the technical knowledge contained within the Bank, private training sessions organized with internal resources are also a part of the program. TKYB supports exchanging training, seminar and conference achievements on presentation platforms to ensure greater access for employees to professional knowledge and insight.

Career Development

TKYB implements a Career Model respecting the performance system to create a supportive environment for high performance and technical knowledge.

All employees are evaluated in various aspects to promote horizontal or vertical career plan/ path and they are supported and monitored with appropriate development programs.

Talent Management

TKYB talent management process goes hand in hand with its business strategies. TKYB determines the talents needed in lines of business, recruits and improves Future executives are grow up with targeted investments and practices in line with the Bank’s vision.