Issuance of Interest-Free (Islamic) Capital Market Products

Lease certificate (sukuk) issuances, which recently preferred by private sector companies as an alternative financing, creates additional funding resource in compliance with Islamic financing techniques. Based on the past experiences of our team, who are experienced in lease certificate issues, and completed projects that have been awarded worldwide, different issuance structures can be created.Services offered by our Capital Markets Department within the scope of a sukuk issuance are summarized below:

  • Examination of corporate balance sheet structure and relations with creditors and analysis of procedure compatibility,
  • Examination of corporate activities and the dynamics of funding needs to formulate the most suitable issuance structure with accreditation institutions,
  • Determination of suitable issuance structure and support in the preparation of relevant contract sets,
  • If necessary, cooperation with relevant consultants on the compliance of corporate internal procedures with Islamic financing methods,
  • Management of appeal procedures and communications with all regulatory institutions,
  • Support in the preparation of marketing and promotion documents, and
  • Management of marketing and sales procedures and finalization of the process.