Public Disclosures Related to Environmental and Social Projects

The DIBT does not support or finance investments/projects that could have unacceptable impacts on the environment or society. The DIBT does not finance activities that are forbidden by national legislation or international agreements to which Türkiye is a party or that are included in the DIBT List of Non-Fundable Activities.

The DIBT evaluates all investments and loan activities for environmental and social risks in accordance with the national and international environmental and social standards and regulations. The Bank shares with the public on its website the environmental and social documents of loan projects that it classifies in the risk category.

Özsoy Geothermal-ESMP Final

Özsoy Geothermal-SEP Final

Bozköy Exploration Well Project Environmental and Social Management Plan

Kitreli and Çömlekçi Exploration Well Project Environmental and Social Management Plan

Resettlement Policy Framework for the Türkiye Geothermal Development Project Additional Financing

Türkiye Geothermal Development Project Additional Finance (P151739) Environmental and Social Management Framework

Onur HEPP - Land Acquisition Table

Mavi HEPP- Land Acquisition Table

Geothermal Development Project ESMF-Before Negotiations

Geothermal Development Project ESMF-Executive Summary

Geothermal Draft RPF Component-1 Before Negotiations

Geothermal Draft RPF Component-2 Before Negotiations

Geothermal Draft RPF (Word)

Geothermal Draft RPF (Pdf)

İVCİ-Cisco Growth Fund

Kubilay GPP-Land Acquisition Table

Kubilay Geothermal-ESIA Report

Kubilay Geothermal-ESIA Report-Annex 1

Kubilay Geothermal-ESIA Report-Annex 2

Kubilay Geothermal-ESIA Report-Annex 3

Kubilay Geothermal-ESIA Report-Annex 4

Kubilay GPP-Land Acquisition Report

Solentegre-Land Acquisition Report

Onur HEPP - EIA Appendices


Onur HEPP – ESIA Complementary Report

Solentegre SPP-PIF

Onur HEPP-Social Audit of Land Acquisition

Mavi HEPP-Reporting Form for Land Acquisition

WB-Request for Expressions of Interest

GDP Revised Draft – ESMF (Word)

GDP Revised Draft – ESMF (Pdf)

Solentegre SPP-Land Acquisition Table

Solentegre SPP-Scientific Report

Solentegre SPP EMP-ENG

TKB-QCBC RSM Contract Award Publication

Ege WPP-EMP and Appendices



İzmit Kandıra WPP-Land Acquisition Report

Land Acquisition Table Dikili WPP

Erzurum SPP-EMP

Erzurum SPP-PIF

Erzurum SPP-EMP

Land Acquisition Report-Erzurum SPP

Land Acquisition Table Erzurum SPP

Hilal 2 WPP-Land Acquisition Report

Hilal 2 WPP Annex-1 -Ecosystem Evaluaiton Report

Hilal 2 WPP-Annex 2 Gold Standard Passport

Hilal 2 WPP Annex A-Bat Assessment Report

Hilal 2 WPP -Environmental Management Plan

Land Acquisition Report-Hilal 2 WPP

Land Acquisition Table Hilal 2 WPP

Başıbüyük SPP-EMP

Başıbüyük SPP-Land Acquisition Report

Başıbüyük SPP-Land Acquisition Table

Land Acquisition Report- Ege WPP

Ege WPP Land Acquisition Table


Adala SPP-Land Acquisition Report

Adala SPP-Land Acquisition Table

Ex Post Social Review for Salihli GPP Land Acquisition

Land Acquisition Table Salihli GPP

Land Acquisition Table Salihli GPP 09042018

Salihli GPP-CHMP Annex 1

Salihli GPP-CHMP Annex 2

Salihli GPP- ESIA Annex 9 Waste Management Plan

Salihli GPP – ESIA Annex 10 Effluent Management Plan

Salihli GPP- ESIA Annex 11 Hazardous Chemicals Management Plan

Salihli GPP-ESIA Annex 1 Test_Results

Salihli GPP – ESIA Annex 2 SEP

Salihli GPP – ESIA Annex 3 CHMP

Salihli GPP-ESIA Annex 4 Public Interest Decision

Salihli GPP-ESIA Annex 5 Construction Emergency Response Plan

Salihli GPP-ESIA Annex 6 Operation Emergency Response Plan

Salihli GPP- ESIA Annex 7 Occupational Health and Safety Plan

Salihli GPP- ESIA Annex 8 Traffic Management Plan

Salihli GPP-ESIA Report

Ex Post Social Review for Özmen 3 GPP Land Acquisition

Ozmen 3 GPP-Land Acquisition Table

Ozmen 3 GPP-Land Acquisition Table 09042018

Özmen 3 GPP- ESIA Annex 2

Ozmen 3 GPP-ESIA Annex 4 Stakeholder Engagement Plan

Ozmen 3 GPP Annex 5 Emergency Plan

Ozmen 3 GPP-ESIA

Ozmen 3 GPP-ESIA Annex 1 Photo Log

Ozmen 3 GPP-ESIA Annex 3 Social Profile

RSM-3S Kale Kitreli Çömlekçi Project ESMP

RSM- 3S Kale Bozköy Project ESMP