Sustainable Finance

The principal mission of the Development and Investment Bank of Türkiye is to meet the financing needs of entrepreneurs, to contribute to the widespread ownership of capital and structural transformation, and to cooperate with and provide consultancy to national and international institutions in line with the sustainable development priorities of Türkiye.

TKYB aims to manage potential risks and opportunities arising from its services and activities by addressing economic development and environmental and social factors as the cornerstone/main component of sustainable development. TKYB approaches sustainable and responsible development principles with a holistic perspective and expands its sphere of influence by creating common value among all its stakeholders through strategic initiatives.

TKYB , which sees sustainable development among its main priorities, plays a major role in realizing investments in tourism, renewable energy and energy efficiency, as well as environmental investments in other industries, with the purpose of building an environmentally friendly economy. Positioning itself as a model corporate citizen, the Bank collaborates with international financial institutions on initiatives to protect the environment and address climate change, both of which are essential to achieving sustainable development.