Merger, Demerger and Partnership Consultancy

Our team, experienced in various successful mergers, divisions and partnerships in a range of industries, offers national and foreign companies and their shareholders financial consultancy concerning projects in these contexts.

Our merger, division and partnership projects financial consultancy services include the following procedures:

  • Formulation of a process roadmap and overall strategy
  • Detailed valuation of companies subject to merger, division or partnership
  • The necessary preparation to determine organizational, financial and operational structure post-procedure
  • Determination of shareholder structure in accordance with the post-valuation and post-procedure structure,
  • Support for relevant legal consultants as well as companies and their shareholders in the preparation of partnership contracts defining the rights and obligations of partners in accordance with the shareholder structure
  • The scope of division consultancy includes, depending on whether the division is partial or complete, detailed valuation studies, development of division scenarios, submission of structural suggestions to determine activities/assets subject to merger
  • Appointment/coordination of legal, accounting and tax consultants to be employed during the procedure
  • Negotiation of binding contracts and coordination of necessary closing actions to finalize the procedure