Current Threats

Current Threats

Our Bank cares about the health and safety of our valued customers and employees. For this reason, in addition to the health measures taken by Our Bank, which we mentioned in the link, we would like to remind you of some issues so that you do not encounter situations that may endanger the security of your information.

SMS, e-mail, social media advertisements or applications containing keywords such as "COVID-19, epidemic, coronavirus, mask, loan delay, help, support, vaccine" that may attract attention or contain unusual promises are not respected, Please do not open the links.

Fraudsters who present themselves as medical personnel, police, prosecutors, judges, lawyers or bank personnel on the phone may call, trying to put pressure on them with panic and fear. End your call without sharing any information or financial transactions in these and similar calls in which you are suspicious, and call back by learning the official institution phones of the person or people in order to check the authenticity of the call.

In case of sudden disconnection of your phone and change of SIM card without your knowledge, immediately inform your institution, financial institution and GSM operator.

We hope to get through this process as soon as possible, taking into account the recommendations of our Ministry of Health. We would like to state that our bank continues its activities for you, our valued customers, in this process.