Malware Fraud

Malware Fraud

Most malicious applications in the mobile application markets (Google Play Store, Apple Store, Windows Store, etc.) installed on your smart mobile device work in a way that redirects to another application that will download the malware, not the malware itself.

Malicious applications that can be downloaded from mobile application markets are mostly in Turkish, and their names are «Numara Sorgulama, Döviz Alım-Satım-Çeviri, Gelir İdaresi Başkanlığı, Tapu Sorgulama, Araç Alım-Satım, Para Muhasebesi, Sanal Cüzdan, HGS/OGS sorgulama/yükleme, Akbil sorgulama». They mostly imitate financial or religious-themed applications.

Malware can spread through malicious SMS and e-mails.

In this context;

  • Alternative/unofficial application markets or unknown sources often do not have security systems or controls. Therefore, always use official app stores to download mobile apps. Never download mobile applications from environments other than official application markets.
  • Do not click on the links in the messages sent from sources you do not know or that you think are suspicious even from individuals you know.
  • Your personal information, password, etc. never openly store sensitive information on your computer and smart mobile devices. Your identity is an extremely important and unique document. For this reason, do not store the scanned image of your personal documents such as ID, driver's license, passport on your computer.
  • Make sure that your personal or business smart mobile devices, desktop or laptop computer with which you perform banking transactions have an anti-virus program and that the version of the program is up-to-date.