SMS – SIM Card Fraud

If your mobile device or SIM card is stolen or lost, notify our Bank as soon as possible. Before transferring your device to someone else, be sure to delete the banking applications in it and remove your electronic banking login information. If you change your phone number, do not forget to update your registered phone number in electronic banking.

In addition, as a different method, be suspicious of short messages from numbers you do not know for frauds that can be done via SMS, and do not open shortened links that can be harmful in general.

  • Do not enter your personal information, password, card numbers or card passwords on the pages you access by clicking on the incoming links in the content of such suspicious SMS.
  • If the link in the forwarded SMS is directed to the mobile market application of the phone you are using, check the application that is being downloaded.If you have provided this type of download, immediately reset your phone to factory settings. Such malicious applications can work in the background, accessing your identity or financial application information, and mediating fraudulent transactions.
  • If the forwarded SMS requests information from you using the "Reply" method, do not respond to this correspondence.