Wireless Networks

Security Warnings for Wireless Networks

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are common technologies that allow computers and mobile devices to connect wirelessly.

  • Wireless methods such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth may pose the risk of unauthorized access to computers and mobile devices. Therefore, do not use wireless networks that you do not trust.
  • Do not accept files from platforms such as Bluetooth, Airdrop, of which you do not know the source and reliability. and increase your security by keeping these accesses closed when you do not need them.
  • Change the default name and password against unauthorized access attempts to your wireless network you are using at home.-Use up-to-date security software on your devices.

Also, remember that public or unencrypted networks are not secure and all your data can be compromised. In this context, such networks;

  • Do not perform transactions with your personal data or sensitive information.
  • Do not perform banking transactions or log into your bank accounts.
  • Do not log in to places that require a username and password.
  • Do not download the updates of your operating system or the software you use over these networks.
  • Do not log into your e-mails or send or receive e-mails with software such as Microsoft Outlook.
  • Do not perform corporate affairs or sensitive transactions that require corporate connection.